Our Values


supports companies to reach their sustainable

development goals  by creating  transparency 

in the supply chain


Social standards must be ensured, everywhere.

 Exploitation of people in the supply chain

is unacceptable


We need to protect our planet for 

future generations.  Everything  do 

we do must  bebe sustainable.


Sustainable Companies which take care of their social

and environmental responsibilities enhance 

their brand which attracts more talented

employees and loyal customers

Gunther Walden

Berlin, Germany

Co-founder & CEO

Gunther held several Senior Management positions at Siemens in Germany and the United States. He has more than 25 years of experience in supply chain and process automation. He is also a visiting lecturer and serves on start-up Advisory Boards.

Factory Berlin, Lohmuehlenstraße 65

12435 Berlin, Germany

Joerg Walden

Reutlingen, Germany

Co-founder & Strategic Advisor

Joerg Walden is CEO of iPoint, a leading provider of software & consulting for sustainable products, value chains, and brands. He brings in 30+ years of business strategy, product strategy, and innovation management expertise.

iPoint-systems GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 58
              72760 Reutlingen, Germany

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