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Discover a transformative journey with CircularTree. Our solutions redefine sustainability, bringing transparency, efficiency, and innovation to your operations. Expect a future where your environmental impact is minimized, your processes are optimized, and your commitment to sustainability becomes a competitive advantage. Welcome to a world where positive change is not just expected, but achieved.

Streaming verified information

For real-time, continuous product & material compliance updates. With the source and the integrity of compliance data verified in real time, automated workflows can trigger immediate events, alerts, and reactions at any point in the supply chain.

Compliance Interoperability

Makes it easier for everyone to manage their responsibilities in the supply chain. CircularTree is building a collaborative blockchain-powered ecosystem for organizations to contribute, share, and leverage compliance information.

Trusted Cross Enterprise Workflows

For securely meeting end-to-end
 regulatory compliance requirements. We are making it possible for all supply chain participants, human or machine, to provide, consume and monitor verified compliance information via a distributed ledger.

Welcome to CircularTree

Where sustainability meets innovation. We are your trusted partner in automating sustainability data procurement from supply chains. With a vision to revolutionize the way businesses approach sustainability, CircularTree offers a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates with your processes, enabling you to achieve your net-zero goals and maximize transparency in your supply chain.

At CircularTree, we understand that sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it’s an imperative for businesses worldwide. Our platform leverages cutting-edge technology, including Machine Learning algorithms, to provide you with real-time insights into your supply chain’s environmental impact. We go beyond secondary data sources, tapping into primary data from your supply chain, which can account for up to 80% of a product’s environmental footprint. This enables us to pinpoint hotspots and empower you to make data-driven decisions for sustainability optimization.

Solutions that Matter

Discover our suite of solutions tailored to your industry, including chemical, electrical, automotive, and food sectors. We cater to businesses of all sizes, with a special focus on empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to make a big impact on sustainability.

Standards and Certifications

CircularTree aligns with global industry standards and certifications, ensuring you’re on the right track to meet your sustainability goals. Your journey towards net-zero emissions begins with us.


Our flagship software tool, CarbonBlock, is the driving force behind your sustainability initiatives. Learn how it automates data collection, analysis, and reporting, simplifying the path to sustainability excellence.

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Meet our passionate team driving innovation and sustainability. Together, we're shaping a better future. Join us today!
Team CircularTree | Gunther Walden | CEO

Gunther Walden

CEO | Founder

30+ years of experience in global supply chains in Automotive & FMCG industry

Joerg Walden | Founder - Strategy | CircularTree Team

Joerg Walden

Founder | Strategy

Serial founder, 30+ years of experience in sustainability & compliance

Team CircularTree | Andreas Heizmann

Andreas Haizmann

CPO (Chief Product Officer)

12+ years exponential growth experience as product director in SaaS Unicorn

Team CircularTree | Anil Akarsu

Anil Akarsu

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Former Founder & CTO with 7+ years of experience in Software Development & Leadership

Team CircularTree | Hans-Gerhard Lang

Hans-Gerhard Lang

CRO (Chief Revenue Officer)

20+ years of sales & marketing in one of the leading sustainability & compliance companies

Team CircularTree | Frank Streichert

Frank Streichert

Cyber Security

35+ years of experience in IT leadership, enterprise architecture and IT operations

Team CircularTree | Richard Woller

Richard Woller

Business Development

20+ years of experience of innovative technologies and software platforms (partner)

Latest news: Joint press release with BASF about PACIFIC app

Satisfied customers is our claim
BRUSA CO2-footprint | CircularTree | Reference

Brusa Hypower

Holger Fink: CEO

Our company is thus already well equipped to meet upcoming requirements of international vehicle manufacturers for standardized product carbon footprints. We have created transparency and set a benchmark for the industry with this systematized, end-to-end approach.

Project Luna | CircularTree | Reference

Project LUNA

Achim Hüttner: Managing Director

CarbonBlock helps us to further decarbonize our products and strengthen our sustainability strategy - for environmentally friendly products and a better future.

PORSCHE | CircularTree | Reference


Aigerim Shamshidin: Environment and Product Sustainability

In 3 months, a PoC for a Blockchain based system was built by CircularTree, representing the value chain of an automotive part.
Based on these calculations, we were able to identify the CO2 hotspots in the supply chain and validated our mostly generic data with our suppliers.

BASF | CircularTree | Reference


Dr. Andreas Wollny

Sustainability and digitization are not only in the focus of the BASF strategy, they are also becoming very important across the whole industry. "CarbonBlock" is a digital platform to securely exchange data, increase transparency in supply chains and support suppliers and car manufacturers in the construction of sustainable components.

Motherson | CircularTree | Reference


Motherson's Sustainability report

With a focus on sustainability initiatives, solutions such as Carbonblock, we will be able to accurately capture and reduce our carbon footprint.

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