Synchronizing supply chain compliance management through blockchain technology

Making it simpler and safer for organizations to tackle their responsibilities along the supply chain

For a better Supply Chain

Drive more sustainable and responsible supply chains.

Improve trust and remove ambiguity between trade partners.

Increase efficiency and

reduce risk.

 Your Benefits

  Streaming verified information

For real-time, continuous product & material compliance updates. With the source and the integrity of compliance data verified in real time, automated workflows can trigger immediate events, alerts, and reactions at any point in the supply chain.

Compliance Interoperability

Makes it easier for everyone to manage their responsibilities in the supply chain. CircularTree is building a collaborative blockchain-powered ecosystem for organizations to contribute, share, and leverage compliance information

  Trusted Cross Enterprise Workflows

For securely meeting end-to-end
 regulatory compliance requirements. We are making it possible for all supply chain participants, human or machine, to provide, consume and monitor verified compliance information via a distributed ledger.

Tackling your Supply Chain Challenges

Without compliance the

supply chain is at risk

Complexity introduces


Segregated systems and data

increases risk and cost 

We believe that Efficiency, Sustainability and Safety can work hand in hand to enable automated workflows in
the future supply chain.


To do better.

For ourselves and the planet. It is our core belief that the responsibility of Compliance along the supply chain is shared by everyone involved.


Uncovered by technology.

Through blockchain technology, we are enabling a continuous and transparent flow of product compliance information that drives the automation of the future supply chain.


      Growing shared Value.

 We are making it possible for any  supply chain participant, human or  machine, to provide, consume and  monitor accurate and verified product  compliance information.

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