CircularTree is part of the BloG3 consortium that will develop a Blockchain based solution to increase patient sovereignty of their health data.


When different institutions and actors in the healthcare system collect information and store it in different systems, the result is a fragmented picture of patient-related health data. Information breaks occur particularly during the transition of a patient – e.g. from inpatient hospital treatment to rehabilitation, nursing care or the home environment.


The project BloG3 uses a Blockchain-based decentralized data and rights management system to make the scattered stored data available in an individual health profile. This networking of distributed health data can enable personalized medical care and thus more efficient and effective treatment. A digital platform offers patients and third-party providers transparent access to health data at all times – despite decentralized data storage.


This 3 year project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany and it’s partners include:


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