Experience the benefits of new digital ecosystems such as PACT, Catena-X and ESTAINIUM for your company! – Webinar-2024-07-23 EN

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We are pleased to invite you to our next webinar on 23 July 2024 at 15:00. Discover how modern digital ecosystems such as PACT (Partnership for Carbon Transparency), Catena-X and ESTAINIUM can improve transparency and efficiency in your supply chain. This webinar is specifically designed for professionals in the chemical, engineering, electronics and FMCG sectors. Register now and learn more about how you can automate and optimise your sustainability processes!


Date: Tuesday, 23 July at 15:00 – 15:45 (45 minutes)
Target group: This webinar is aimed at anyone who wants to automate and improve their sustainability processes. Take this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical tips.
Language: German (English takes place at 10:00)


1. Increased transparency: Learn how digital ecosystems enable the traceability of the carbon footprint of products and materials along the entire supply chain. Increased transparency leads to better decisions and stronger partnerships.

2. Decarbonisation of the supply chain: Learn how to determine the actual CO2 emissions of your supply chain in order to take targeted measures to reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability targets.

3. More efficient processes and cost reduction: Discover how standardisation through digital ecosystems facilitates the automation of processes, reduces costs and increases the profitability of your company. Use the advantages of digitalisation to optimise your supply chain.

Why participate ?

Digital ecosystems offer a unique opportunity to transform your supply chain. Increase transparency, improve efficiency and reduce your CO2 emissions at the same time. Stay competitive and fulfil the increasing demands for sustainable business practices.

Who should participate ?

This webinar is ideal for sustainability officers, controlling, purchasing, supply chain management and anyone who wants to automate and improve sustainability processes.

Register now !

Click here to register or directly below for the webinar and reserve your place in “Utilising digital ecosystems for your net-zero strategy”.

Places are limited and the opportunity to make your products more sustainable is priceless. Don’t miss this chance to expand your knowledge and contribute to a greener world.

Join us on this journey to more sustainable production practices. We look forward to welcoming you to an informative and transformative session.