Calculation of emissions from own production for the product carbon footprint – Webinar-2024-06

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In our ongoing efforts to promote sustainability and environmental protection, we are pleased to announce an upcoming webinar specifically designed for professionals and organisations who wish to accurately calculate the emissions from their own manufacturing processes. This webinar aims to provide essential insights and tools for calculating your Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), a crucial step towards sustainable production and environmental responsibility.


Date: Tuesday, 04. June at 15:00 – 15:45
Target group: Professionals and organisations that want to calculate and reduce the emissions from their own manufacturing processes for their product carbon footprint (PCF)
Language: English (German language Recording could be provided hier anfordern)


Our comprehensive agenda is tailored to address every aspect of emissions calculation in the manufacturing sector, with a focus on achieving a very accurate PCF. Here is what we have planned:

  • From Scope 3 to PCF: Understanding the journey from identifying indirect emissions to accurately determining the emissions directly associated with your products.
  • Scope 3 calculation methods: We will look at different methodologies, including spend-based, average data, hybrid and supplier-specific calculations to find what best suits your needs.
  • CARE-Dekarbonissation-Cycle: An introduction to the cycle of continuous adaptation for mitigation, a dynamic approach to decarbonisation.
  • (Sector-specific) calculation and exchange standards: Exploration of standards such as PACT, Catena-X, TfS, etc., which facilitate calculations and data exchange.
  • Standards at product level: Overview of ISO 14067, GHG Protocol product standard and other key benchmarks for product emissions calculation.
  • Calculation of emissions from own production: A deep insight into methods for accurately calculating emissions from your production processes.
  • Q&A-Session: We appreciate your questions in advance per email.

Why participate?

This webinar is not just a learning opportunity; it is a platform to connect with leading experts and gain practical insights into calculating and reducing your production’s carbon footprint. By attending you will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of different calculation methods and standards.
  • Learn how to implement effective strategies to reduce your product carbon footprint.
  • Have the opportunity to ask specific questions (by email in advance) and receive customised advice.

Who should participate?

This webinar is ideal for sustainability officers, controllers, buyers, supply chain managers, and anyone who wants to measure and reduce their product carbon footprint (PCF).

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