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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest service, PCFez in response to the growing demand for Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs). We’re bringing a solution that is not only cost-effective but also time-efficient, perfectly crafted for SMEs.

Software in Combination with Services

It stands out as a unique package, combining expert consulting, advanced software, and precise PCF calculations in accordance with the WBCSD PACT standard. This new service is your answer to customer requests for Product Carbon Footprint information.

Why Choose PCFez?

  • User-friendly: Resources tailored to meet the needs of SMEs.
  • Hands-on: Learn the specific information you require and where to source it.
  • Targeted Insight: Acquire the essential knowledge to independently calculate your emissions.
  • Software Supported: Leverage the latest software for accurate PCF calculations and data exchange.
  • Competitive Advantage: Enhance your market position by providing transparent PCF data.

Content of the package

Consulting Services:

  • In-depth training sessions
  • A suite of tools and templates
  • Comprehensive supporting documentation
  • Interactive Q&A sessions
  • Meticulous data review process

PCF Calculation:

Conducted based on ISO 14067, utilizing the robust WBCSD PACT standard.

Includes emissions data from both your own manufacturing processes and your supply chain.

Software Solution

  • A one-year license to CarbonBlock, our premium software for secure PCF data management and exchange.

Embark on your sustainability journey with PCFez and turn your Product Carbon Footprint data into a robust competitive edge.

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