CircularTree’s Award-winning Software CarbonBock at KONGRESS LAB 2021

KONGRESS LAB 2021 | CircularTree | Award-Winning Software CarbonBlock

In September 2021, we attended the Congress of Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. 

After 2 days of workshops, networking (finally onsite!) and mentoring sessions, we were pitching together with the other participating startups B2square, Beneto Foods GmbH, SACCHA and Carbon Cleanup GmbH. 

Many thanks for the perfectly organized event to the entire team. Big thanks to the sponsor Stiftung Energie & Klimaschutz & Anke Wilhelm. 

Thanks again to our mentors for their great inputs and to all participants for the very interesting discussions. 

We will take all learnings and motivation to further develop our solution with the goal to decarbonize supply chains!