CarbonBlock was certified as the first PACT conformant solution!

PACT conformant solution | WBCSD

We have obtained certification as the first PACT conformant solution from the Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT), an initiative facilitated by the WBCSD – World Business Council for Sustainable Development. This certification acknowledges the adherence of CarbonBlock to the technical specifications outlined by PACT.

By complying with the Pathfinder Network standards, CarbonBlock joins the ranks of other leading solutions such as those from NRI (Nomura Research Institute) and Cirrus Nexus. This achievement positions CarbonBlock as a pioneering solution that enables the exchange of product carbon footprint information along global supply chains.

In the context of the global manufacturing industry’s supply chain, it is crucial to have the capability to interconnect with other solutions. This enables the efficient sharing of product carbon footprint information across different countries and industries.

CircularTree encourages the adoption of standardized solutions and fosters international collaboration towards a more sustainable future.